Since opening its doors in 2002, ABRI/Homes for the Brave has provided housing, vocational training and job placement, mental health and addiction services, and life skills coaching to help individuals, especially Veterans, leave homelessness behind. To date, the organization has worked with more than 900 individuals.

Applied Behavioral Rehabilitation Institute, Inc. (ABRI) is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit. ABRI/Homes for the Brave oversees four programs. These programs are Homes for the Brave, Waldorf House, Veterans Service CenterFemale Soldiers: Forgotten Heroes, and the PFC Nicholas A. Madaras Home which houses the Female Soldiers: Forgotten Heroes program.

A great need exists for housing programs and vocational services like these. Veterans represent 10% of America’s homeless population.1 1 out of 3 homeless men, who sleeps in a doorway or alley in our communities, has worn a uniform and served the United States.2

In Connecticut, at least 950 Veterans do not have homes. The most effective programs for homeless Veterans are community-based, nonprofit, Veterans helping Veterans groups.


If you would like to information on our residents, success rate, and financials, peruse our 2015 Annual Report.

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1 ‘Vital Mission: Ending Homelessness Among Veterans,’ Homeless Research Institute, November 2007.
2 National Coalition for Homeless Veterans.