Hire a Vet

Meeting the Needs of the Employer – Meeting the Needs of the Veteran

We are your source for the dependable employees you need. ABRI/Homes for the Brave can assist you in finding just the right match for that critical position in your company.

In today’s economic market, you need dependable, enthusiastic, and motivated employees – and you need them to stay on the job. So why pay high fees to employment agencies?

Homes for the Brave can provide you with an outstanding employee who has a proven capacity to excel – the American Veteran. Here are some reasons why Veterans make such good employees:

Veterans are:
Dependable – Disciplined – Dedicated – Punctual – Practical – Proven

They learned all this, and a lot more, in service to our country. Now they’re ready and willing to serve again, this time to make your company stronger and more profitable.

In addition, as an employer of Veterans, you may be entitled to all or some of the following:
Generous Tax Credits
Free Employee Training
Preference in Government Contracts
Other allowances as available*

It just makes sense to hire Veterans. The pool of potential employees today leaves an employer with little room for error. Every hire must be a good one because decreasing profits and increasing costs mean you have to find the right person the first time. Homes for the Brave can be your ideal solution to this critical problem.

Interested employers can email us at: info@homesforthebrave.org

*We suggest you check with the CT Department of Labor as these benefits and allowances change frequently.